Our Fitness Services

Fitness Services for individuals and small groups in Salt Lake City & the Salt Lake Valley

Have you ever wondered how to do an exercise correctly?
When you workout, do you do the same things you did in high school or follow a random plan?
Are you frustrated by not seeing the results you want?
Stuck in an exercise rut?
Are you afraid you’ll get hurt working out?

Personal training solves all of these problems and more.

Free Strategy Session 

30 mins

During this strategy session we review your medical and exercise history to make sure we keep you safe. Together we will identify your fitness goals and the steps and programs best suited to you to reach them. We will also get a feel of how you are moving so we can take you where you currently are and go forward from there. It’s also a great chance to see if you like us!


Personal Fitness Training 

30 min sessions = $40

60 min sessions = $70

Personal fitness training is more than just having someone count reps for you.  Having a fitness coach helps you be accountable to someone else, which is a factor of long-term success. We strive to educate and empower you while giving you the individual attention needed to reach your fitness goals.

Based on how you move and your goals we develop a customized ‘fitness road map’ to reach your fitness goals. With this customize road-map you’ll learn to master the technique and form to stay safe.


Semi-Private Fitness Training 

60 min sessions = $50/person

Enjoy the camaraderie and support of working out with friends, new and old, at a lower price point, all while still working on your individual needs and goals. We cap our semi-private training at no more than 3. We do this so each person can still have enough attention to keep them safe, and not lost in a crowd of 50.

F.O.C.U.S.E.D Personal Fitness Coaching 


Our FOCUSED Fitness Coaching is the ultimate fitness solution to reaching your fitness goaIs. We make this hybrid of programming and coaching fun and interesting. The program is done mostly on your own, with some personal training sessions to supplement your work. This comprehensive plan covers all aspects relating to your fitness goals utilizing the resources, tools and equipment you have available to you. Not only is your plan synced to your event or goal but you’ll be in weekly contact with your fitness coach so everyone is synced up, on the same page and accountable. We’re always teaching, coaching and educating. Finally, this program is for those dedicated to put in the work and effort.

This program isn’t a good fit for everyone. We’d be happy to see if you’d be a candidate in your strategy session.

*With a 3 month auto-billing commitment