Booting-Up Your Quick Workout

If your computer needs to boot-up before it’s work begins how much MORE important is it for you (non-machine) to warm-up/boot-up for your workout? It’s crucial, even if it’s a quick workout you still need to prepare your heart, lungs, joints, and muscles for the work they are about to do.

You’ve seen those people warming up. You know who I’m talking about. These are the people at the gym, they’re reading a magazine while foam rolling, or checking Facebook while doing some sort of stretch, or talking on the phone while meandering on a treadmill. I know what you’re thinking. Warming-up takes too long. Generally, I’d agree with you that most often people spend far too much time ‘warming-up’ than actually doing any work.  However, doing a warm-up is more than just getting the heart rate elevated. Yes, a warm-up does that, but it also gets you moving in the ways and patterns you’ll be doing in your actual workout. If you’re tight, or have aches or pains, this is the time to start lubricating those joints and muscles so you can do the movements without pulling something or getting hurt because you don’t want to be “that guy/girl”.

Quick Workout Dynamic Warm-up

Below is a quick sequence you can use when you don’t have a lot of time and can only get in a quick workout. This dynamic warm-up only takes about 1 minute and covers most “hot” or “trouble” spots: hamstrings, calfs, hips/glutes, groin/inner thigh, hip flexors, upper back, and shoulders.

Do 4-7 reps each side of

  1. Spiderman Twists
  2. Pigeon
  3. Cross toe touches