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Fitness goals: Process vs outcome

Making healthy lifestyles sustainable.

After writing yesterdays blog I got thinking a lot about our goal setting in the fitness arena. I would bet that 95-99% of clients come in to me the first time and say they want to lose weight and they know exactly how many pounds they want to lose and to weight. It’s mystical how that number is derived.

I always ask the new client what they plan to do once they reach said ‘mystical’ number. This question almost always catches them off-guard.

 I ask it because I think we get too caught up in these outcome goals. I want to look like this, or I want to fit into these pants again, or what have you. While all types of goals are not bad, I think we miss the point. It wasn’t the one-time buffet dinner that caused the problem, it was the little things done over time for sometimes years that got you there. The safest and funnest way to get off the weight and keep it off, in my opinion, is to create a process goal.

Ask our Experts for FREE!A process goal is one in which you focus on the joy of the journey not about the destination. For example, an outcome goal would be to lose 10 lbs. A process goal would be to learn a new activity/sport and engage in it 2 times/week for the foreseeable future. I’ve found that once you take the stress off of having an outcome goal and start making fitness process goals, you have more fun, make it a lifestyle and reach your goals and more-because you aren’t caught up on one specific number.

Your homework: Reevaluate your current fitness goals and see if you can’t modify them to be process goals. Post your successes. 🙂

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