What Muscles Should You Work When You’re Time-Crunched

We’ve all been there. You’re running late and haven’t gotten a workout in. You’re really trying to reach your fitness goals and so you decided to do a shorter workout instead of your usual workout. Good for you! But now what do you do? Do you just do part of your exercise routine? Do you just resort to doing your favorite exercises (the one’s you’re the best at)? Do you just “stretch” while checking your phone and all your various social media accounts? 

Today I’m going to show you the ‘secret sauce’, the ‘behind-the-curtain’ that the best fitness professionals use when designing workouts for themselves as well as their clients. Structuring your workouts like this will lead to the best balanced strength in your body, reduce the risk of injury, and ensure that you’re burning the most calories and getting the biggest bang for your exercise buck!

Time-Crunched Take-Aways:

  • Pick an exercise you like that fits into each main movement category
  • 4 main categories: pushing/pressing, pulling, squatting, hinging
  • Since you are time-crunched, make it challenging. Either go heavy for several sets, or go lighter on the weight and do reps until you’re near fatigue.
  • To maximize your time, I recommend pairing your exercises so that while your pushing muscles are resting you are using your pulling muscles. Less down time, more work = more effective.
  • It doesn’t matter the order
  • Add more exercises depending on how you’re feeling and the time left you’ve got.