The Sled Explosion

 Develop power and strength with this simple exercise.


Our ability to move quickly and powerfully decreases as we age. That sucks! Great news is that we can prevent it. Working on strength and explosive movements can help us retain the 20 year old part of us. If you’re looking for a fairly simple yet effective exercise whether you are a masters athlete or just looking to get stronger in spite of some joint issues look no further.

What is this silly exercise doing?

  • Similar to jumping this exercise works the same type of movement and muscles without the jarring on your joints.
  • Strengthens your back. Upper back weak or rounded?
  • Is really rewarding watching that weight fly across the room because of your powerful self.
  • Works your explosive power. Think of someone WAY older than you moving really slowly-this is the opposite of that.

Friendly tip: WATCH YOUR TOES! 🙂