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What is your fitness goal? At Leverage Fitness Solutions we specialize in helping our clients reach their fitness goals. Our Keys for Fitness Success Blog is another way to help keep our clients focused on their goals. Our Fitness Success Blog is full of fresh and exciting ideas on fitness and nutrition.

Why You Hate Exercising

Why You Hate Exercising And how to fix it I get there there are probably only a handful of people out there that truly LOVE working out. Ignore them. This article is for the rest of us. Those who exercise because we know it's good for us, so we can indulge a little...

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Preventing Falls With Toe Tapping

Preventing Falls With Toe Tapping As I've mentioned before, preventing falls is a multi-faceted issue which requires a multi-faceted approach. This one article simply can not address all the issues and concerns, so please understand that this is just one aspect that...

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Your Strong Back Blueprint

Your Strong Back Blueprint We should be stronger pulling than pushing. Many masters athletes and older adults find themselves hunched over from time and work and they aren't as strong as they should. Doing vertical pulling wrong is like building without a blueprint....

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Making the Most of the Plank

Making the Most of the Plank The plank is a tremendous exercise to strengthen the core while stabilizing the spine. So if you've got some lower back problems, you should incorporate more stability exercises like the plank into your routine. As with anything, form...

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Fall Prevention: The Falling Start

Fall Prevention: The Falling Start As we age the fear of falling grows exponentially. Often one small fall, creates a mental cascade crippling us from doing what we want or used to do. Many fall prevention programs focus on balance and strength. This is great. I'm all...

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Sports: The Anti-Aging Drug

Sports: The Anti-Aging Drug If you want to know the secret to youth and vitality, look to masters athletes for some answers. They engage and play sports. Sports are a fantastic way to get exercise and activity as well as connect socially with friends. Sports are the...

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Avoiding Falls In Older Adults

Avoiding Falls in Older Adults: Part 2 Cognitive Agility training is the key.  As I have previously written, cognitive agility is one of the best ways in avoiding falls in older adults. Last time, I showed the preliminary movements which are forward and backward. I...

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Avoid Falls with Cognitive Agility

Avoid Falls with Cognitive Agility What is it and why is it the best way to prevent a fall? What is Cognitive Agility? Agility is typically meant to mean the ability to move and change direction quickly. Cognitive agility is the ability to reason, make a decision and...

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Better Lower Body Power Exercise

Better Power Exercise for Legs Lower body or leg power is crucial in sport at any age, particularly if you are a masters athlete or older adult. As we age, we start losing muscle. This phenomenon is called sarcopenia. Around 50 years of age, this muscle loss...

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