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I’m in my early 70’s and while I’ve worked with a trainer before I wanted to diversify my training program and cover all aspects. I’ve been working with Ryan for about 5+ years and in that time I’ve improved my strength, knowledge and variety of training. Ryan pays close attention to intellectual aspects of training and new approaches including many safe, functional approaches to overhead lifting. Ryan’s strength is his approach to individual needs and limitations. One of my favorite things about working with Ryan is his attention to and suggestions for my home program.


I’m in my 80’s and have kept myself active but needed more strength. I’ve worked with other trainers before, but Ryan listens and adapts the workout to accommodate my physical needs and limitations. Because of Ryan, I have stronger arms, stronger glutes, and stronger thigh muscles.

I love the variety of exercises that cover important areas for me that Ryan gives me, and he helps me know what I can do at home on my own.

I’m in my 60’s and needed to increase my personal fitness and gain a higher level of functional fitness. I’ve never worked with a personal trainer before and have been working with Ryan for a little over a year. Ryan is very knowledgeable, and conscientious to make sure I have the right technique when I do the exercise. He wants me to hurt in the good way (fatigued muscles) not the bad way (sports injuries). Ryan is forceful, but in kind way with my best interest at heart. In my time with Ryan, I’ve learned that at my age quick twitch muscles are more important than muscle mass. I can climb stairs with a spring in my feet; get up from playing with grandchildren with less effort; I have personal satisfaction that I can handle what life throws my way.

I would recommend working with Ryan because he cares about seeing me reaching my fitness goals, while keeping me safe from stupid sport injuries.


You will not find a better personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals!

I began training with Ryan at age 15, in hopes of one day playing college tennis. Not only did he help me achieve my goals, he helped me exceed them. My second year on the tennis team at the University of Utah I was elected captain, and with the right coaching, I was able to become one of the top tennis players at the University of Utah, and undoubtedly the most fit.

I owe much of my success to Ryan, because with his expertise and training I was able to enter college tennis with a foundation of fitness and strength that all other players lacked. I encourage anyone who wants to train for a sport, or just to generally get in shape, to work with Ryan.

When I train with Ryan, he has always done his homework and comes prepared with innovative, challenging, and sport or fitness specific exercises tailored to my goals.
You will not find a better person to help you reach your fitness goals! Give him a call!


Div 1 NCAA Tennis Athlete, SLC

Ryan is a very knowledgeable trainer. I can’t imagine anyone better informed. He taylor-makes your training to your specific needs. He is very careful about any weaknesses or injuries you might have. If you are older (I’m in my late 60’s), he works on issues that are most important to your age group including memory games. My husband and I have learned and benefited greatly from working with Ryan. In short, he is awesome.


F stands for fun. Exercise was NEVER fun before.

So far I’ve been training with Ryan for almost two years, which is at least a year and a half longer than I have ever stuck with any exercise program. I use the word amazing to describe Ryan as a personal trainer, because he is. He knows my body’s ability better than I do–when he asks me to do one more repetition than I think I can, I am able to do it.

When I told him that I don’t have muscles THERE, he took it on as a personal challenge and found them! When I came to Ryan after a foot injury and when I had back surgery, he worked with the physical therapists to make sure I could exercise safely and, in my opinion, helped speed my recovery time.

I am finding myself doing all sorts of new things when it comes to exercise like using the F-word. F stands for fun. Exercise was NEVER fun before.



Pharmacist , SLC

Thank you!

I am currently starting to train for my second marathon. I have been trying to work on my speed so that I am able to keep up with the boys I train with. I have been doing a few different exercises that I thought would help me, come to find out there are much better ways. I was so happy to get Ryan’s advice on how I should be doing my speed training.

Ryan, sat down and explained to me not only how, but the reasons why I should be doing my sprints for the distance and the amount of time he was suggesting. I have only done his speed training about three times and I have already noticed a huge difference. I can keep a quicker pace for a longer period of time and my sprinting speed has increased. I want to knock about 30 minutes off of my time from last year, and I actually think it is achievable now. Thank you!


Loan officer, SLC


Ryan truly loves what he does and is very professional.

He addressed my fitness needs in a clear and simple so that confidently take the next steps toward my goals.


Taylorsville, Utah


I see a strength and conditioning coach (Ryan Carver….he’s amazing and has worked miracles for me).

I started working with Ryan to address a very specific injury and correct the issues/problems that caused the injury to occur in the first place.

When friends/acquaintances mention that they need/want to get in shape I do not hesitate to recommend Ryan. I don’t, however, try to tell someone who has their own fitness regimen that they need to switch to a strength and conditioning coach. On the other hand, when I mention to CrossFit friends that I see a strength and conditioning coach (and inevitably mention what that costs) I’m bombarded with reasons why I need to ditch Ryan and start doing CrossFit (cost always being a huge driving factor).

With my injury proper form is key. When I attempt an exercise and mention that it causes pain, I’m immediately given a modification to the exercise to ensure I’m getting a benefit from the exercise and not furthering any injury. I’m never told to push harder or faster (that’s not to say I’m not challenged). I’m working with an expert that can not only point out improper form, but can also explain to me how my muscle imbalances are contributing to that improper form…and then be given an exercise to address those imbalances.

I’ll stick with Ryan Carver for as long as I can. To anyone who has had an injury and wants to come out stronger on the other side of recovery (whether you suffered that injury in CrossFit or not) I’m happy to pass on his information.

For those who wish to point out that I partake in plenty of activities in which I can get injured, so why is this any different? I work with Ryan to get stronger and mitigate the risk of injury in those activities…I have not added a “fitness routine” to my list of injury producing activities.


Engineer, Sandy UT

Ryan has been a great trainer to have!

He cares about my fitness goals and consistently teaches me about health and understanding the principles of fitness. Every time I go he has something new and exciting planned. It always pushes and stretches me more than I would have done on my own. He has helped me see that I am capable of more than I thought I could do. He is very knowledgeable and a fun trainer to work with!


Salt Lake City, Utah

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