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March Your Way to Fall Prevention

In our last article we discussed tapping your toes as a way to fall prevention. Today we’re going to look at another way to prevent falls-the Dorsiflex March. This is another exercise you can do anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment. Similar to the toe tap this exercise is designed to address the problem of not lifting up your foot high enough to avoid stumbling or tripping.

The Dorsiflex March

Setting Up the Dorsiflex March

  • Lift one hip to 90 degrees, keep your knee bent to 90 degrees
  • Lift your toes up so that the foot is parallel to the floor
  • Forcefully push the foot down into the ground and lift the other leg

Tips for the Dorsiflex March

  • Moving the opposite arm as the moving foot is a natural movement and should be encouraged.
  • The faster you do this the more challenging is becomes on your heart & lungs and well as your balance.
  • Speeding the movement up should only be done as demonstrated with perfect form.
  • When doing the march switches-fastest level, forcefully exhale as you switch. This level is also great for working and challenging your fast twitch muscle fibers you need more than ever as you age.

Doing the Dorisflex March is an effective way to fall prevention. It isn’t the end all, but yet another tool to use to assist our older adults and senior fitness clients.