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Fitness Coaching Tip #3: The Power of 5 Minutes

Are you stressed out with all your family and work responsibilities?

Do you find that you’re always tired?

Do you ever have that inner battle that you should get down and play with the kids, but you just want to sit instead?

You’re not alone! It’s called parenting, career and life!

Yet somewhere in the back of our minds we know that exercise is good for us and can probably help.

I remember when I welcomed my 2nd child into our family. It was a big adjustment going from 1 kid to 2. Then when we had a 3rd child, even more challenges came into the mix. Or in the words of a great friend of mine, Sean Mooney, we went from ‘tag-team’ to ‘man-on-man defense’, to ‘zone defense’. Before our 2nd child came, both my wife and I were able to spell each other off and find time to workout and exercise. Now, each kid has different needs and schedules and finding time to set up the bike on the trainer and spin for 2 hours just doesn’t happen-I’m lucky to have 5 minutes. Finding a healthy balance is crucial, but very hard to do.

I know that this is not unique to me. I think ALL OF US are just plain and simply busy, stressed and time-crunched. We have SO little time and SO many barriers to exercising under those conditions: getting changed into workout attire, getting to the gym, knowing what to do, not having enough time to do the whole exercise video or whatever the case may be. 

Fitness Coaching Tip #3: The Power of 5 Minutes

Let me enlighten you with 2 little facts:

1- Taking a few minutes away from being dad/mom/parent to take care of yourself doesn’t make you a bad dad/mom/parent! It might even make you a better parent.

2- 5 minutes of fitness training is better than 5 minutes of sitting on your butt! Will it be the worlds greatest exercise bout? Maybe not, but it can still be effective. Ever heard of high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Isometrics? You can even break up a bigger workout into smaller chunks throughout the day. These are like dreams come true for the time-crunched among us because it doesn’t take a lot of time yet it still pays big dividends.

What if you don’t have the fitness to do those?

Should you work up to it?

What if you lack the motivation to do something like that today?

Answer: Do SOMETHING! Let me say it again. If you’re time-crunched, 5 minutes of some sort of fitness training is better than nothing. You are doing more than just moving for 5 minutes, you are telling your subconscious that wellness, fitness and exercise are a priority that you are making time for. You are making a conscious effort to create or maintain your healthy lifestyle. You will start to feel better, have more energy, be able to think clearer. You will lead by example to your partner, friends, and children.

This is huge because often you will find yourself with 5-10 minutes to workout, and if you can get in the habit of doing something then you’re one step closer to your goals. Then when you find yourself having more than 5 minutes to exercise you won’t have to have that inner battle of what you’re going to do because you’re used to working out for a lot less time. You’ve now solidified the healthy habit of exercising in just about any situation. Taking advantage of these small bits of time keeps the ball rolling-and is the first law of exercise.

Your mission: Don’t let those little pieces of time slip away or be squandered because you ‘don’t have enough time to workout’. Use them, do something and keep that habit and healthy lifestyle up.

You can do and you are worth it!

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