Cognitive Agility: Double ball bounce | Leverage Fitness

Want a drill that will help improve your balance, reaction time, fine motor skills and coordination that’s also fun???

This is our client,Pat, and she has progressed amazingly! This is a really hard drill even though she makes it look easy.

A couple things to point out:

  1. Being in a staggered/tightrope stance is very challenging on the balance, add in the movements of her arms and it becomes a dynamic effort to produce and absorb forces to maintain her position.
  2. Adding 2 balls is very challenging on her reaction time as well as her hand-eye coordination. We usually start off with just 1 ball.
  3. Notice how she’s catching the ball in a palm down position. This is on purpose-to really work her fine motor skills on when, where and how hard to grip/grasp her fingers around the ball. Our fine motor skills/muscles usually get overlooked when training, but that is a big mistake. All of these elements come together in what we call cognitive agility.

The sky is the limit in how we make this easier or harder. #seniorfitness #functionalaging #personaltrainingslc #mastersathletes #ADLs