Is this you? slouch-desk

Does this picture look familiar? This just might be you at work: head jutting forward, shoulders shrugged and rounded forward, arms out in front of you. 

This is the posture just about EVERYONE of us has due to the nature of our work. It’s also no wonder that being in the position for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week over a career of 30+ years will do it’s damage. 

Sitting is bad for your health

I just came across an article today about sitting being hazardous to your health and I thought I’d share with you all. Proof that sitting is bad for your health and longevity! Move more! This article is from an insurance agency-if they mention it, you know there’s an issue. 

Back pain is the #1 ailment in the US among adults, and it’s not the construction workers or guys who lift heavy things all day-it’s the desk jockies. Not only is sitting for long periods being linked to serious health issues (heart disease, diabetes, etc) it also messes with how you feel and your ability to move. Your spine is not meant to look and be in that position. For example, your head should rest over your shoulders. Architecturally speaking it’s an orange on a toothpick!

Your head weighs about 10-12 lbs and you hope to hold it place with this little tiny neck? No wonder you store so much tension and tightness in your upper shoulders-they are holding onto your head all day long! 

The Solution

The fix is to move more. That is easier said than done since sitting affects your ability to move. So yes, doing things like standing when you eat lunch or other suggestions the article mentions can help, we recommend to just about all of our fitness coaching clients that you’ve also got to mobilize and increase flexibility in those joints-particularly the thoracic spine.

Here’s a super easy and super quick ‘exercise/stretch’ you can do that can help combat life at a desk. I got this from Kelly Starrett. Do this for 2 mins at least once a day. 

 More tips

Here’s another fitness coaching tip for you: instead of having meetings at work that go on and on, pass out clip boards and have the meeting standing or walking around. I’d be willing to bet that the meetings are significantly shorter AND more productive. Try it out. And while you’re at it, see if you can make it a whole day of sitting for less than 3 hours! Repost/retweet if you agree! 

Fitness coaching interview

// If you’d like more help fighting off the ravages of desk life or have more questions, our fitness coaches are here to help!

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