Not all cognitive agility needs to require you running around. As you may remember that cognitive agility is when we blend the elements of memory, balance, reaction time, reasoning and then moving the body. It’s really the ideal thing you should be doing as an older adult.

Sometimes depending on your ability you may need to make it a little easier on the body while still keeping the exercise challenging for the mind.

Here we have our rockstar client, Margo, demonstrating how to do in-place cognitive agility. The video doesn’t really pick up what is happening.

There are 4 cones in front of the client. We’ve designated each cone to a suit of a deck of cards. One cone is hearts, another one is clubs, etc. We go over which cone is which card. When that suit is drawn you must tap your foot to the corresponding cone. The goal is to get through as many cards as you can in a pre-determined time. We usually go with 30 seconds.

You can hear the laughter-probably because this drill becomes 52 card pick up for me afterwards. 🙂 Just another example of ways to train your brain and body with little to no space or equipment.

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