As we come out of quarantining, there are still many concerns about contracting covid-19. We want you to know that we take your health and safety extremely seriously. Here is our initiative we’ve developed to keep all our clients progressing towards their goals, while feeling confident in our measures to minimize their likelihood of getting covid-19.

Leverage Safe & Clean

We’ve broken down all the issues/concerns regarding coronavirus into 3 categories; distance, surfaces, and air. 


As per the governor’s guidelines, we are allowed to have 13 people in our facility at a time. That’s WAY too many in our opinion. We’ve limited the number of people (clients and staff) that can be in our gym at one time to just 6 individuals. This is exceeding the recommendations by double (that’s a good thing). 

We aren’t an open gym where you can come in anytime-everything is by appointment. When clients come in, our coaches strategically position everyone to have their own workout space 6-10 feet away from others. 

In areas of the gym where there can be problems maintaining physical distancing (IE water cooler, shadow boxes) we’ve taped off the area to remind everyone that there should only be 1 person with that area at a time.


We have a hand sanitizer station immediately as you enter, which we encourage patrons to use. We also encourage all clients to wash their hands before leaving the gym. 

Each and every piece of equipment used is left out until coaches and clients have a chance to disinfect it properly, so you know if you pick something up-it’s clean.  


All employees wear masks during training. Clients may elect to wear them while working out, but it is not mandated by the state, CDC, nor county. 

We are going the extra mile in this arena because coronavirus is a respiratory disease, spread through air droplets, we feel like there’s more we can do besides wearing masks. So we’ve installed an industrial air purification system, rated to take care of smoke, pollen, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. This system gives the real-time air quality status in the gym 24/7. 

Beyond these initiatives, we ask that if a patron displays any of the covid-19 symptoms to please refrain from in-person training, but to use our virtual training options.

Before each shift, we coach completes a symptom and temperature check to make sure they are well and able to work that day. 

We hope this has helped you in your decision to take a proactive approach to boosting your immune system and trusting a facility to accomplish it. 

We look forward to seeing you in the gym!