Our Covid-19 Response | Leverage Fitness

Leverage Fitness Solutions Covid-19 Response


We take our older adult client’s health and safety extremely seriously. We are open for clients to come into the gym as long as the county health covid code is orange or better.

During these times, we have taken extreme measure to not only comply with the CDC recommendations, but to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

When dealing with the possible spread of covid-19 there are 3 main categories where infection can occur; close physical proximity to others, contaminated surfaces, and the air you breathe. Below are the measures we follow in each category to ensure you feel safe and comfortable in your fitness facility while you work on improving your immune system.


  • We limit the total number of clients in our facility to 6. (The CDC says we can have up to 13 with our square footage…we feel that’s too crowded)
  • Our coaches strategically set up your workout areas/equipment 6-10 feet away from anyone else.
  • We’ve taped off areas where physical spacing may be difficult to remind clients there should only be one person within the taped off area at a time.
  • As coaches, it’s our job to keep you safe. This includes being close to spot your form. Our coaches distance when realistic, but given that we do need to be closer at times, all staff will be masked at all times.
  • Clients may choose to workout with a mask on, however they are not required to do so by the state health department.


  • We ask that each client sanitizes their hands upon entry (sanitizer provided) and either wash or sanitize their hands on their way out to minimize the possible spread of covid from touched surfaces.
  • If something is touched/used, that piece of equipment is left out for coaches and clients to disinfect before anyone else can use it. This happens each hour, sometimes more than once/hour!!
  • An extra deep, thorough cleaning of the gym occurs weekly


Given that this is an airborn virus this is one of the main reasons we wear masks. However, we’ve felt that this wasn’t enough, so we installed an industrial air purification system that not only purifies the complete space from dust and pollen, but it is also graded for removing/purifying the air from bacteria and viruses.

Between all three categories of action we feel that our facility is one of the SAFEST places you can go when choosing to go out in public. Not only can you rest assured that your risk of infection is cut to the smallest percentage while in our facility, you are also working to improve your health, reduce any risk factors and boost your immune system.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, especially in these trying times, and look forward to getting through this together!