Personal Training Programs


For Older Adults

Leverage Fitness Solutions is a private gym in Salt Lake City. All of our personal training programs ensure you get plenty of attention. So you won’t find any large group classes where you’ll get lost in the crowd or wonder if you’ve got the proper form. We offer the best suite of exercise programs for older adults – from balance to brain training. And we believe that exercise is a powerful drug…one that needs a prescription. By customizing and updating your exercise prescription, you can reach your goals quickly and injury-free.

Older adults in a Balance and Fall Prevention Class at Leverage Fitness Solutions

Balance and Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury death in older adults, age 65+. But we are here to help! We offer the most comprehensive, scientific balance and fall prevention services. Many other programs only address one or two of the dozen major factors that affect your balance. Because we address each major factor affecting your balance, you can expect to see faster and longer lasting results by participating.

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Fit Masters athlete swings a racket on a tennis court

Sport Performance for Masters Athletes

Masters athletes train and compete with more miles on their bodies, have more responsibilities, and take longer to recover. We get it. To get the most out of your body and performance, our personal trainers evaluate your sport and your abilities. Then, they prescribe the exercises that will help you improve in your sport and reduce injury. This approach has helped our clients move like they are decades younger.

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Brain Training and Cognitive Agility

Exercise has been proven to decrease the risk of cognitive disease and the deterioration that occurs with time. Our brain and cognitive agility training program assesses which of your cognitive domains need the most work. Then we offer the right type, duration, and intensity of exercise to those areas of the brain to help improve your cognition. You will be in the best hands to improve your functional aging through “cognitive agility” training.

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Fit older man training at Leverage Fitness Solutions

Pre-Existing Conditions

Many of our older adult clients have pre-existing conditions which cause concern about being able to work out. A pre-existing condition, like an injury, isn’t a reason to avoid all the benefits of exercise. We work around and with any limitation you have. We aren’t doctors, so we won’t diagnose anything. But our personal trainers will find alternative ways to help you move pain-free and regain your freedom and independence.

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Active older adults working out at Leverage Fitness Solutions

General Fitness / Activities of Daily Living

Not everybody has a defined fitness goal. Many of our personal training clients just want to feel better, move better, and keep or create a healthy lifestyle. That’s perfect! We call this training for life, functional fitness, or training for activities of daily living (ADLs). One of the most rewarding benefits you can expect to see from this program is your ability to live your life and complete everyday tasks more easily.

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