For All Your Needs

We believe that exercise is a powerful drug…one that needs a prescription. By customizing and updating your exercise prescription you can reach your goals quickly and injury-free. You won’t find any large group classes where you’ll get lost in the crowd to wonder if you’ve got the right form. All of our personal training programs ensure you get plenty of attention. We offer the best suite of solutions for older adults from balance to brain training.

Balance & Fall Prevention

According to the CDC, every second of every day, an older adult (age 65+) suffers a fall in the U.S.—making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group. We are here to help! We offer the most comprehensive, scientific balance and fall prevention services. Many other services and classes only address one or two of the dozen major factors that affect your balance. Because we address the major factors affecting your balance, you can expect to see faster and longer lasting results than other places. To learn more about the factors that affect your balance, check out our free eBook: Battling the Balance Bandits.

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Sport Performance

When you were younger if you wanted to get better at your sport, you played your sport more. As you age, that strategy doesn’t work. You’ve got more miles on you. You have more responsibilities. You take longer to recover. We get it. The better strategy is to dial in which weaknesses are limiting your performance and address those first. This will also help reduce potential injuries. Your sport demands specific abilities from your body. Each has unique requirements. To get the most out of your body and performance our coaches evaluate your sport and your abilities to prescribe the exercises that will help improve in your sport.

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Brain Training & Cognitive Agility

One in 10 people in the U.S. over 65 live with Alzheimer’s. Another 1 in 10 have dementia. Exercise has been proven to decrease your risk of cognitive disease. Our brain and cognitive agility training assesses which cognitive domains need to most work and offer the right type, duration, intensity of exercise to those areas of the brain to help improve your cognition. Cognitive agility is the ability to reason, come to a decision, physically act on that decision in a safe, controlled environment. Think of when you drive. You’ve got to be alert and ready in case something like an animal darts into the road.

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Pre-Existing Considerations

Many of our older adult clients are concerned about being able to workout given some specific condition they are dealing with. This isn’t a reason to not get all the benefits from exercise. We work around and with whatever limitation you have. Remember, movement is medicine. We aren’t doctors-so we don’t diagnose anything. If you are considering surgery, getting as strong as you can beforehand will make your recovery SO much faster and easier. If you’ve already had a surgery and have finish rehab but still aren’t where you’d like to be, we can get you there. The right type of movement, at the right intensity and frequency have been shown to help alleviate most painful symptoms and can even prevent further complications associated with compensations your body makes.

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General Fitness / Activities of Daily Living

One of the most rewarding benefits you can expect to see is your ability to live your life and do everyday tasks will become easier.

Do you struggle getting down to the ground?

Can you get up off the ground without assistance?

Do you get winded just walking up the stairs?

Are you afraid to use the stairs without a death-grip on the railing?

Do you struggle carrying the groceries in?

Can you unscrew all the lids you need by yourself?

Can you reach for something on the top shelf?

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