Sport Performance


Sport Performance

When you were younger, if you wanted to get better at your sport, you played your sport more. As you age, that strategy no longer works. You are a Masters athlete now. You’ve got more miles on your body and joints. It takes longer to recover. We get it.

Just because you are older doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to slow down or see your sport performance go down the drain. Most of the decrease in your times/results come from not training smarter, not age!

Becoming a Masters Athlete

As we age, we suffer from the age-related loss of muscle, called sarcopenia. Muscles keep your core tight. Muscles move your body. When was the last time you moved quickly and explosively outside of your sport? We help you train like you were young again, knowing that you aren’t, but helping you regain that spring in your step because sarcopenia is preventable and reversible!

A better strategy is to dial in which weaknesses are limiting your sport performance and address those first. This will also help reduce potential injuries.

Your sport demands specific abilities from your body, and each sport has unique requirements. To get the most out of your body and your sport performance, our coaches evaluate your sport and your abilities to prescribe the exercises that will help you improve in your sport. Using this approach has helped our clients move and perform like they are decades younger. Some even say that they are now in the best shape of their lives, even after being collegiate athletes back in the day.

We find weaknesses or limitations and help you turn them into strengths.

  • Have tightness or pain when serving overhead?
  • Want to drive the ball farther?
  • Have a big race or event planned?
  • Ready to hit the slopes this season?

We can help you be in the best shape to set personal records or accomplish your goals. Addressing your limiting factors or the root cause will help.

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