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Proven fitness success tips and helpful insights. 

What is your fitness goal? At Leverage Fitness Solutions we specialize in helping our clients reach their fitness goals. Our Keys for Fitness Success Blog is another way to help keep our clients focused on their goals. Our Fitness Success Blog is full of fresh and exciting ideas on fitness and nutrition.

Why Working-Out at Home is so Hard

The Fitness Solution to: Working-Out at Home   The Struggle is Real We've all been there. You're home, you know you need to get a work-out in, you even want to workout. You've even got the time to do it but it just doesn't happen...sometimes ever. Working-out at...

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8 hacks to bulk-up your self control

8 Hacks to Bulk-Up Your Self Control Making healthy lifestyles sustainable. In changing behavior, I firmly believe that avoidance is probably the best way to change a behavior. If you don’t take your money/cards/wallet into a store you won’t buy anything....

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How bad do you want your fitness goals?

How bad do you want your fitness goals? Making healthy lifestyles sustainable. I've been thinking a lot about this topic recently. I have several clients who tell me their health & fitness-related goals and aspirations. We work on them and tweak them to be more...

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Fitness Coaching: Humor & Truth

Fitness Coaching: Humor & Truth Making healthy lifestyles sustainable.   I came across Jason Gay's WSJ article on rules for conquering the gym. I have to say, many are really funny. But there is some definite truth to some of them. His #2 rule is...

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The 3 E’s of Healthy Lifestyles

The 3 E's of Healthy Lifestyles Making healthy lifestyles sustainable I want everyone to succeed at creating a healthy lifestyle. I want to see the streets and parks packed with people exercising and enjoying physical activity. In making fitness a part of...

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Your focus determines your destiny

Your Focus Determines Your Destiny  Making healthy lifestyles sustainable.   Recently there's been a big internet uprising regarding a picture that Maria Kang posted of herself. This picture  has stirred up a lot of resentment, anger and overall...

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3 Tips to Maximize your Fitness Training

"Pleasure and pain, though directly opposite are contrived to be constant companions." - Pierre Charron Exercise Physiology 101 One of the main purposes of resistance training is to work a muscle getting as many muscle fibers working efficiently as needed to complete...

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