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Fountain Of Youth

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Providing The Fountain Of Youth

Get started with a FREE strategy consultation

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Do you struggle with:


Are you concerned about cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s? We can pinpoint which areas of your brain that need a particular stimulus.


Not as stable as you’d like? Have you had a fall or near fall recently? We offer the most comprehensive balance and fall prevention tools available.


Afraid that your health and injury history won’t be understood? We’ve seen just about everything you can have and know how to work around it all.


Strength declines due to aging muscle atrophy (called sarcopenia). While natural, it’s not normal. Good news! It’s preventable & reversible!


A Few Reasons to Get Started

Less aches & pains

Movement is medicine. Often you need to loosen what’s tight, and tighten what’s loose.

Prevent injuries

Custom personal training plans combat overuse injuries in masters athletes & older adults.

More energy

Exercise strengthens everything; your muscles, heart, lungs, and mind.


A Few Reasons to Get Started

Improved balance

Our comprehensive balance program addresses over 10 key factors that affect your balance.

Better performance

Cross training is the secret of every pro’s success. Stay at the top of your game too.

Get stronger

Strength training fixes many ailments facing older adults from osteoporosis to sarcopenia.

Step 1


Schedule a strategy


During your free consultation we review everything you’ve been through, assess what you are currently capable of, and where you want to go.

Step 2


Collaborate on a


Work together with our coaches to formulate a plan that will best balance what you want and need to reach your goals safely and efficiently.

Step 3


Follow your exercise


You are completely unique. Your exercise prescription will be as unique as you are. As you improve and change so does your prescription.

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From the Gym

I Feel Healthier, Younger, and Stronger

“I had that last 20 pounds I needed help with losing, but I also have some fairly serious spine issues and I needed the proper training to help with that too. I now feel healthier, younger, and stronger, and in the best shape of my adult life. One of the most unexpected results has been even though I knew that training would be good for my back, the big plus is that I’m not having nearly the number of back flare ups I used to.”

~ Daren Young

I Forgot I Had Pain

“The main problem I had was sciatic pain. I couldn’t drive for more than 15-20 mins, or even sit for any extended length of time. I was able to fly out to see my grandson recently (there and back) and actually forgot that I had had sciatic pain. It’s SO very helpful. I was able to just play with my grandson, carry him, go up and down stairs, take him to the playground, etc. I can now do whatever I want.”

~ Lydia Berggren

I Get Excited to Get Up in the Morning

“My biggest frustration was lack of endurance. I couldn’t accomplish anything without heavy breathing & having to take a break. This has given me lots of confidence in myself, and the ability to sweat heavily doing the hard work, satisfactorily doing it, and feeling great about myself. I walk out the door & within minutes I feel like I’m ready to go. I want to come. I get excited to get up in the morning and I feel good the rest of the day.”

~ Tim Nicolaysen