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Best in the Business

At Leverage Fitness Solutions in Salt Lake City, we don’t try to ‘re-invent’ senior fitness; we simply fit exercise to you and your needs. By combining the right mix of education, practical application and a little dry humor, we’ll provide you with an experience to enrich your life. In our senior fitness programs, we treat exercise like a prescription. You’ve got to get the dosage, frequency, duration, and intensity just right. Too little isn’t going to get what you want, and too much can get you hurt. We err on the side of being conservative so you can recover, reach your goals, and still live the life you want.

Our certified personal training staff holds Bachelor’s degrees & participates in frequent continuing education.

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A Unique Fitness Community

Coming to Leverage Fitness isn’t like any other gym or recreation center. We strive to make it a place where YOU want to be, and enjoy coming.

We want you to feel like family (but without the drama)!

The Leverage Fitness Difference:

  • No spandex or wildly inappropriate clothing. You aren’t going to see the 20 year olds strutting around like peacocks. You’ll see your peers wearing what you wear, doing similar things you are doing. 
  • You get to pick the music you like, that you grew up with, that motivates you.
  • Every client (even if in our semi-private groups) receives their own unique exercise program so no two people are doing the same thing. Everyone’s body and goals are different – so should your exercise prescription!
  • We are married to results, not a particular piece of equipment or methodology. You’ll find other gyms that will only do machines, or others that will only do kettlebells. All of that stuff is just tools. We find the right tool for the right job.
  • Friendships and camaraderie: unlike other gyms where no one talks to each other and everyone is in their own little world/bubble, we all care about you. From our personal trainers to our other members, we’ll introduce you and you’ll start to create friendships. When you don’t show up, you are actually missed! You aren’t just a number here, unless it’s #1!
  • Exercising is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. We do what we can to make it enjoyable! From bad puns to fun theme weeks you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face.
  • We educate you: we want you to know the ‘why’ behind everything you are doing. That way you understand and are empowered to take control of your fitness goals. There is always a sound scientific reason behind everything we have you do.

We’d love you to experience our community and the Leverage Fitness difference for yourself.